VitaStik Amore - Inhale Healing Organic Rose Waters With Vitamin Vapor $18.75 USD $30.99 USD
VitaStik Amore Healing Rose Waters with a hint of Sweet Cream This is one of our Famous "Inhalable Flower Waters" Line !   The Healing Organic Rose Water diffuser works wonders to calm the mind and body. It creates a pure water vapor, similar to steam in a hot shower, but infused with with Sweet Creamy Rose Oils of Love and Vitamins. Made with 100% Organic USDA Roses and Geranium Essential Oils The Amore Rose Water Diffuser can be activated using any of our 5 methods of use. If you love the smell of Fresh Roses and the light flavor of Sweet Cream, then you will love this unique Inhalable Flower Experience. Inhale Organic Roses 365 days a year! This flavor makes for an incredible gift by itself, or when paired with any flower bouquet, a bottle of fine wine, or as a desert apéritifs. Our Rose Oil aromas can arouse the senses of a god. The Creamy flavor softens the Rose Geranium Oils and makes it palatably sweet. Many people use this aromatherapy stick to relax, any time of day or night. Others use it before bed, to settle their nerves. If you are only trying three vitamin sticks, make this one of them. Below is a VIDEO of the Blow Through Method, or Breath Activated Method. Try this over your bed at night, or in your car. It will instantly fill the air with a dreamy vitamin enhanced aroma.  
Energize B12 Inhaler - With Ginseng, Vitamin C, Citrus Oils Vitavape $18.75 USD
VitaStik Energize was the World's first B12 Inhaler VitaVape with Ginseng Since January 2014 thousands of people in more than 60 countries have tried the world's first energy B12 Inhaler.  We are the ONLY 100% Organic, made in the USA, flavors, formulas, herbs and vitamins.  There are other companies that have tried to replicate the magic we created, but all have fallen short.  Why is VitaStik better then rest ? Because our formulas are 100% EDIBLE, and they are meant to be ingested.  Made from crushed fruits, flowers, herbs, and vitamins. Our B12 Vitamin Energy Inhaler is further enhanced with Ginseng, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Orange Essential Oils blended with Vitamin B2, B6, (20 doses of B12), C, and CoQ10, to create our Energize Formula.  This Formula was designed to Energize the soul using an ancient, simple, and effective delivery method, Aromatherapy!    The world's first energy you can inhale, and still the best in the world.  B12 is proven to work faster and better when inhaled versus when compared to an intramuscular injection of B12 from your doctor, or a pill.   We chose Orange with a hint of Grapefruit and Lemon oils as the aromatherapy flavor/scent for our Energy Inhaler.  We thought about fresh orange slices fed to kids at half-time during their a soccer match.  Orange slices provided an amazing energy punch when we were kids, and that citrus flavor / scent mixed with Vitamin B's and Vitamin C still packs an Energizing punch.   Just Vitamins + Therapeutic Essential Oils + Organic Water Vapors  Our vitamin aromatherapy stick is paced with 20 servings of B12, and roughly 1 RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vitamin C, D, CoQ10 Chemical Free, Calorie Free, Sugar Free, Organic, Kosher, Made in USA  According to Dr. Axe B12 : A is thought to be one of the leading nutrient deficiencies in the world, with a 2004 study showing that it’s a major health concern in many parts of the world, including the U.S, India, Mexico, Central America, South America and certain areas in Africa. Vitamin B12 benefits your mood, energy level, memory, heart, skin, hair, digestion and more. Vitamin B12 is also an essential vitamin for addressing adrenal fatigue, multiple metabolic functions — including enzyme production, DNA synthesis and hormonal balance — and maintaining healthy nervous and cardiovascular systems. Because of its wide-reaching roles within the body, a vitamin B12 deficiency can show up in many different negative symptoms, many of which are very noticeable, such as potential chronic fatigue, mood disorders like depression, and chronic stress or feeling run down.    
Cinnamon Bark Pure Essential Oil - 15ml $32.50 USD $53.99 USD
Cinnamomum zeylanicum is indigenous to Sri Lanka and is now commonly also grown in Madagascar. It is a tropical evergreen tree in the laurel family growing up to 45 feet tall in the wild. The tree has a highly fragrant odor and is commonly used in small amounts as a spicy addition to creams, lotions and soaps. Our cinnamon is steam-distilled from the very thin, smooth bark of trees grown in Sri Lanka. Common Uses:Cinnamon is often used for its protective properties, and is great to add to cleaning mixes. In extremely low dilution, it is a very warming oil, and can be used in massage for a powerful uplifting effect. Diffuse mixed with a blend (alone it is extremely potent) or apply in a blend or extreme (max 0.2%) dilution. A 0.2% dilution is 1 drop to 5 teaspoons of carrier oil. Aromatic Scent:Cinnamon Bark Oil has a warm, spicy scent characteristic of cinnamon. Cautions:Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil can be irritating to the skin and mucous membranes - particularly in large doses. It should always be used in dilution. Avoid use during pregnancy.
Flora - Hibiscus Sweet Vanilla Waters $18.75 USD $30.99 USD
VitaStik Flora - Inhalable Flower Hibiscus Cucumber Waters with Vanilla hint of Mint This flavor is like nothing you have tried before. Flora is part of our Inhalable Flower Waters Line. We mix Organic Crushed Hibiscus Flowers with our Pure Organic Cucumber and Vanilla Waters. Then we add the tiniest hint of Mint. The combination creates a light floral soothing flavor, almost milky-like aromatherapy sensation. The Essential Oils mix perfectly to level the undertones. We are in love with this one of a kind flavor. It's soothing tones are good for any time of day or night.Our Flavors and Formulas are Patent Pending and Made in the USA. They contain none of the standard ingredients you would expect to see in other similar products. They are made without any chemicals. Our flavor Waters are made using highest grade USDA Certified Organics Crushed Plants, Flowers, Fruits, their Extracts, Herbs and Essential Oils. They are food grade and edible. Organic Crushed Hibiscus Flowers Organic Vanilla just a touch of Organic Mint Ylang Ylang Essential Oils
Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder $36.50 USD $59.99 USD
For maximum benefits and outcome of your Workout efforts, try Creatine Monohydrate Powder by Hard Rock Health® that is consumed by the complete USA for an amazing workout each and every time. The powder contains incredible components that promote muscle growth, recovery, performance, strength, and power. It is suggested that you take it on a regular basis to get the most consistent and greatest effects. 100% pure creatine monohydrate- one of the most widely studied supplement ingredients. Helps support ATP recycling for explosive movements. Supports muscle building, recovery, performance, strength, and power when used daily, over time, and combined with exercise. Laboratory tested for Quality and Purity Micronized for fast absorption  No fillers, sodium, or sugar Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate Powder by HardRockHealth 1. 100% original creatine monohydrate Hard Rock Health® Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder's serving contains 3 g of quickly absorbing micronized creatine for faster absorption and results in increased strength and endurance. 2. Recharges the energy Creatine Monohydrate restores your energy levels, allowing you to do more intense exercises, pull bigger weights, and increase your physical performance. 3. Lean muscle gain Athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, and cross-fitters love Creatine Powder offered by Hard Rock Health because it aids with muscular volume, lean muscle mass, and genuine size and strength improvements. 4. Pocket-friendly  Our genuine and high-quality creatine monohydrate powder is extremely affordable. It has comparatively lesser rates and offers lots of advanced benefits along with it. Directions of Use Mix one scoop of Creatine Monohydrate Powder by Hard Rock Health with juice or carbohydrate drink. If you're under any medical conditions, then consult with health practitioners first before consuming our Creatine Monohydrate Powder.
Cassia Pure Essential Oil - 15ml $21.50 USD $34.99 USD
Cinnamomum Cassia The cinnamomum cassia tree grows natively in China, where the powdered bark has been used as an ingredient in natural medicine for gripe or colic for thousands of years. It is a close relative to cinnamon, with a sweeter aroma. Our cassia essential oil is steam-distilled from the leaves of the cassia tree. Common Uses:Cassia has a wonderful scent, and can be easily mixed with other spice essential oils. It is an extremely potent oil and when applied topically should be used in extreme dilution to avoid sensitivity. Diffuse in a blend or apply topically at a maximum of 0.2% dilution (one drop to 5 teaspoons carrier oil). Aromatic Scent:Cassia Essential Oil has a pungent, warm scent. Powdered cassia contains 1% to 2% volatile oil (cassia oil), which is mainly responsible for the spicy aroma. Cautions:Cassia Oil is a dermal irritant, dermal sensitizer and a mucus membrane irritant and should be avoided in pregnancy.
Myrrh Pure Essential Oil - 15ml $39.00 USD $63.99 USD
The commiphora myrrha shrub can grow up to 30 feet tall, and has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties. Harvesters make cuts in the trunk of Egyptian myrrh to stimulate production of a thick, red resin, which is then steam-distilled to make our essential oil. Common Uses:Myrrh can enhance spirituality and can aid meditation and healing. Diffuse for spiritual grounding or apply topically in 5% dilution to damaged skin. Myrrh essential oil can have a slightly thick consistency so we would recommend placing the bottle in a hot water bath for easier use. Aromatic Scent:Myrrh Essential Oil has a warm, rich, spicy balsamic odor. Cautions:Myrrh Essential Oil can be possibly toxic in high concentrations, and should not be used during pregnancy.
Oak-Moss and Sandalwood Solid Perfume $14.75 USD $23.99 USD
A mystic blend of oakmoss, sandalwood, and patchouli followed by a soft blend of amber and musks.
Stainless Steel Water Distiller With Glass Carafe from $34.25 USD $56.99 USD
Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller with Glass Carafe. CE and ROSH approved. Rigorously tested and evaluated for dependability, ease of operation, maintenance, design, functionality and quality. Specifically designed to provide the purest water and the most effective VOC removal of any similar distiller. The entire steam chamber, (bottom, sides and dome), and the full length of the condensing coil is 100% Stainless Steel, Grade 304, (also known as 18/8), the most widely used and versatile of all the stainless grades. Features Food-Safe and BPA-Free. This model also has an innovative Glass Nozzle Insert so pure water doesn't touch plastic or metal. Optimal size 565 Watt heating element. Some brands use a bigger heating element so they can claim their distiller makes water faster. But larger heating elements, (which cost no more than smaller elements), can boil water too rapidly causing it to mix with VOCs and other contaminates which reduces the purity of the water. We have eliminated all the worry with this compact counter top water distiller you can use everyday! Benefits of Distilled Water 1. Removing Contaminants Elimination of water borne contaminants that may be found in drinking water. Drinking contaminated water is one of the fastest ways to spread disease, toxic metals and industrial pollutants cannot be removed by simple water filtration alone. By removing the contaminants from water through distillation, you can help alleviate the risk of future illnesses and toxic buildup. 2. Elimination of Chemicals The most common problem with drinking municipal water is that chlorine and/or fluoride that are added as part of the water treatment process. The addition of fluoride is a huge can of worms alone and perhaps one of the greatest controversial issue perpetrated in modern times. Among a host of other problems, too much fluoride in your drinking water can have adverse effects such as tooth discoloration and breakdown of tooth enamel. Chlorine can be harmful to your skin in undiluted amounts, it can also be harmful to your body in the diluted amounts of city water. Distilled water has filtered out all these chemicals as well as others to make what is called pure water. 3. No Additives Many municipal water supplies also contain calcium. While calcium is essential to maintaining good health, too much calcium can be a precursor to kidney stone formation. For some people, kidney stones can be a constant and painful problem and drinking distilled water can reduce the risk of developing more kidney stones. And, if you just prefer to be in complete control of how you receive your vitamins and minerals, there is no substitute for distilled water. Specs Voltage 110V Frequency 60Hz Power 750W Distiller Water 1L/H Inner Container Volume 4L Rolled Sheet Types 3042B Discharge Tube Stainless Steel 304 Inner Container Stainless Steel 304 Cap/Filter Stainless Steel 304 Electronic Heater Pipe Aluminum Water Bottle Glass (246 ℃/474.8℉) Over-temperature Safety 160 ℃/320℉ Gross Weight 6.4Kg/14.1(lb) Chamber Size 230mm(D)*390mm(H)/9.1"x15.4"     Replacement parts: Filters: 10 piece set Glass Jug with handle 
Lil Bugz | Edible Scorpion $10.25 USD $16.99 USD
Manchurian Scorpion You Can Eat! Did you know that Manchurian Scorpions glow under a black light? They naturally glow and it looks super cool. Astute bartenders take advantage of this and turn their customers’ purchase into a bit of theater by showing the customer the scorpion glow before adding it to a shot or cocktail. This always draws a crowd!
Tropical Passion Body Butter $22.50 USD $36.99 USD
Our body butter is creamy, fluffy, lightweight, and non-greasy! This stuff is amazing. It soaks into your skin and keeps it soft and moisturized all day long. Not to mention it smells amazing. An exotic blend with greenish coconut topnotes, assorted fruit notes drying to a vanilla musk background. Notes of coconut, tropical passion fruit, citrus lime, crunchy apple, juicy peach, ripe plum, and papaya. Size 8 oz
Pine Tar Drawing Salve $15.00 USD $24.99 USD
Slivers, Bug Bites, Stings....there are so many ways to use this drawing salve. Place a small amount on area in question. Place a band aid or gauze padding over the top, allow to remain covered for 24hrs. Replace daily until item is removed or desired results are obtained. No harsh chemicals, Non toxic. Safe to use on children and adults. Only available in 1 oz container. Lasts a very long time. Ingredients: Beeswax, Mullien- Comfrey- Rosemary- Echinacea-Yarrow-Lavender & Cinnamon infused Sweet Almond Oil, Pine Tar, Activated Charcoal
Foot Cream Repair: Healing Ointment for Cracked Heels and Dry Feet $27.75 USD $45.99 USD
Say Goodbye to Rough Dry Skin on Your Feet ! DESCRIPTION: Deeply hydrates soften and help to nourish and recondition the skin Prevents dry, cracked skin and calluses. Restores your feet to a smooth, soft feel. Forget the dry, cracked, and calloused feet, in as little as a week you can achieve baby soft feet. Comprises of all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts that are safe to use on both men and women. There is zero pain in this process of renewing the skin on your feet. No salicylic acid used. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1. Before use, immerse the target area in warm water for half an hour, wash and dry to keep it dry. 2. Apply the product evenly. 3. Massage in circular motions to absorb the paste. 4. 2 times a day. In severe cases, increase the frequency and dosage appropriately. NOTES: 1. Pay attention to clean, keep the skin dry, clean the feet, wash several times a day, and change socks frequently. 2. Use a foot bath and foot towel separately. PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 *Foot Repair Cream 50g Important Message: The COVID-19 pandemic has created record-breaking shipment volumes. Please allow some extra time for your order to arrive as we have been advised by our shipping partners.
Bath Salt $19.50 USD $31.99 USD
Enjoy a soothing blend of Dead Sea salts and Kaolin Clay with perfectly balanced scents. These wonderful salts have been known to help rheumatoligic (arthritis related) conditions, common skin ailments, allergies, and skin aging. Detoxifying your body while reducing inflammation, our bath salts promote cell metabolism and helps heal damaged or inflamed skin. The additional detoxifier, Kaolin Clay, exfoliates and soothe rashes, reduce irritation, clears skin pours without removing natural oils and tones your skin. Available in the following scent profiles: BURL SCRUMAromatic bergamot with fresh lemon zest spritzing a heart of velvety rich spiced tobacco.BLACK SALTSun bleached driftwood, sea salt air, misting of cypress blended into a coastal storm. CHERRY BLOSSOMA soft bitter-sweet aroma that is less fruity, more flora. GRAPEFRUIT AND LEMONGRASSEye opening blend of tangy & sweet grapefruit combined with the crisp scent of lemons & woodsy lemongrass.  LAVENDERSweet, herbaceous and soothing woody connotation that is much like flowering lavender.  ORANGE GUAVAAn exotic blend of sugary guava, mandarin balm, sparkling tangerine, satsuma orange, mango pulp and passionfruit. PINK NOIRA dangerous blend of sugar dipped berries, thickly whipped cream, fragile pink cotton candy and sexy noir. Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Kaolin Clay, Fragrance
Curly Wavy Hair Extensions Lexi Noel Beauty Multiple Colors 24 Inches $30.25 USD $49.99 USD
Soft Curls  24 Inches In Length 100 % High Temperature Fiber(Can be curled under 350 degrees) Various Colors Available Package Includes a set of 8 pieces. One Piece 6.5" Wide Weft With 4 Clips Per Weft. Two Piece 4.8" Wide Weft With 3 Clips Per Weft. Two Piece 3.5" Wide Weft With 2 Clips Per Weft. One 2.5" Wide Weft With 2 Clips Per Weft. Two Piece 1.2" Wide Weft With 1 Clip Per Weft.
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