DORSAL Hatchet Surf SUP Longboard Surfboard Fins Black from $24.25 USD $39.99 USD
The Dewey Weber Black Hatchet Fin was originally designed by Dewey in 1965. The original template was a massive 18 inch; was called the Turn Fin before adopting the nickname the Hatchet Fin. Once the function of the fin was set Dewey worked on a profile that would be synonymous with Dewey Weber Surfboards. In early 2000 Cory Weber asked us to recreate this template using our technology. Today we offer two sizes this fin has been used in vintage boards as well as some retro shortboards.
Boxing Speed Bag Double End PU Punching Ball MMA Muay $24.75 USD $40.99 USD
                                                  Product Description                                                   Specification: Type: Punching Ball Color: as below picture for your choose Material: PU Dimension:20*30cm Package included: 1 punching ball +2 hook +1 pump Note: 1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. 2. Please allow 0.3~1cm differences due to manual measurement.                                                   Product Show                                                   Detail Display
Triceps Rope Fitness Equipment Nylon Drawstring Biceps from $38.00 USD $62.99 USD
Features: which is firm and wear-resistant. The hanging buckle is beautiful and firm without breaking. combined to form a strong wear-resistant and soft texture. The pull rope is easy to carry. Healthy life begins with exercise. Pull rope can be used to exercise triceps, biceps, back, shoulder and abdominal muscles. Specification: Name: Fitness nylon pull rope colour:black、red Material: Nylon + steel buckle + rubber head Single-head drawstring length: approx 36cm Double-head drawstring length: approx 70/90cm Package included: 1*Single-head pull rope /1*70cm double-head pull rope /1*90cm double-head pull rope Only the above package content, other products are not included. Product Show
Fitness Equipment Home Gym Abdominal Muscle from $19.75 USD $32.99 USD
Description: Electrical muscle training device, the latest scientific and healthy fitness technology. The abdomen/arm/hips stimulator sticker are adopting this advanced technology and made of high-quality material, thus you can build a charming muscle shape without even lifting a finger under its help. There are 6 operation modes and 11-level intensity to meet you daily exercise demands, just press the button to start the training, help muscle relaxing, warm-up, mild training, fat burning, shaping and muscle building for safety and healthy training. Odorless and skin-friendly gel pad, offer soft and comfy feeling your delicate skin, which enables great adhesiveness to the your arms. Please clean your skin before using this gel pad, it should be replaced after being used continuously for 20-25 days. Lightweight and portable. You can do muscle training in the office, bedroom or anywhere you want, not just in the gym, easily achieve your exercise target by using daily time, convenient and practical. Perfect for training abdomen, the bicipital muscle of arm, deltoid muscle or calf muscle, hips, thigh, improvement of muscle paralysis. Build muscle, stay in shape. Specification: Product Type: Muscle Training Belts Material: ABS Plastic, Gel Size: 8 Pads Abdomen Sticker 195x193mm/7.68x7.60in; Arm Sticker 200x100x20mm/7.87x3.94x0.79in; Hip Sticker 260x195mm/10.23x7.67inch; Gel Pad 59x39mm/2.3x1.5in. Battery Type: AAA Battery (not included) Unique Large switch and setting button - easy to operate Upgrade Indicator Light - one indicator per mode The gel pad with design of ergonomics - the shape fits your skin better Package Includes: (AS YOU CHOOSE) 1 Piece Abdominal Toning Belt 1 /2Pieces Arm Toning Belts 1 Piece Hip Toning Belts 1 Pieces Controller 1 Piece User Guide 10pcs Gel Pads Note: It can only be directly attached to the skin, and cannot be used through clothes.  
Push Paddle $18.50 USD $30.99 USD
Build a driving dolphin kick Great for alignment drills Thick and durable Moon cut-out for comfort Three sizes for any skill level Our goal in swimming is always to get to the other side of the pool as fast as possible. That means traveling in the straightest line we can and driving towards that goal. No other swim training tool allows swimmers to feel their forward resistance and train against it. That's why we made the Push Paddle! Recommended sizes: Small for 12 and unders Medium for all swimmers! Large for high school age and above or with fins Use the Push Paddle for: Underwater dolphin kicking (duh!) Single arm free or backstroke driving the paddle with the streamlined arm Breastroke drills or kick focusing on PUSHING! Surface dolphin kicking with a snorkel focused on driving forward Head position drills "WOW, impressed on the streamline focus and increased core work.  The kids all had that love/hate feelings.  They loved the new toy and found it easy to use.  All told me that they could feel the increase of the core work load - the hate feeling but loved it!  To me, that will only translate into faster times." - Coach Mic Nelson, Head Swim Coach at Corpus Christi TX
OMSutra Yoga Strap Cinch/Buckle 10' $15.75 USD $25.99 USD
Cinch/Buckle Anti-slip cotton webbing Thicker Webbing, Extra durable 1.5" wide X 10'
B&B Lightweight Foldable Travel Hiking Backpack $22.00 USD
Made of scratch-resistant 420D ripstop polyester MULTIPURPOSE: small, convertible pocket-sized backpack is surprisingly convenient for short trips or outdoor activities. Enjoy turning the expandable daypack into a small bag with a handle and put your men's mini backpack in a common luggage easily ROOMY: made of scratch-resistant, waterproof material, mini urban backpack comes with two side buckles for keeping long items in the mesh pockets stable. Two expansible side mesh pockets can also ideally hold water bottles SECURE: All zippers of a knapsack for women and men are covered to prevent moisture from getting inside the foldable backpack. Hiking packable daypack provides two pockets for handy storage and convenient organization COMPACT: ultra-light hiking daypack is perfect for one day tours. The little backpack heavy-duty durable design is intended to hold all the necessary items you may need for hiking AUTHENTIC: Get to fold your travel backpack into its own pocket or unfold it when reaching the destination, click on - Add to Cart Description Long-lasting, Lightweight, Scratch-resistance Backpacks at Affordable Price BB Bags&Backpacks presents you a compact, minimalist looking outdoor foldable travel backpack: Hiking packable daypack provides two pockets for handy storage and convenient organization - a small upper one with a hidden lock for the passport or the phone and a larger lower pocket with three compartments for additional storage capacity More to pack? – Discover the inside additional compartment for your laptop and a pocket for small items to store securely Being made of much denser material, the travel biking school backpack stands out among its competitors with 0.40 in / 1.5 cm wider shoulder straps and 0.20 in / 0.5 cm wider auxiliary belts making the lightweight water resistant daypack with soft zipper pulls stronger and even more comfortably fitted on your shoulders Unique space saver - ultra-lightweight foldable travel backpack Avoid adding unnecessary weight to your load. Stuff the durable daypack for men into its own pocket for storage, and unzip it on reaching your destination Avoid overweight charges since the size of air traveling carry on backpacks perfectly fit the standard dimensions of airplanes and can be easily placed in front of your seat while traveling Awesome gifting idea By enjoying the traveling packable bag and compact portability of the outdoor lightweight packable backpack, you can now provide the additional carrying capacity for your beloved ones Surprise others with your creative gifting idea which will actually benefit the gift addressee with its functionality and usefulness Traveler 37 Specifications Weight: 15.5 ounces Material: Water Resistant Polyester Capacity: > 37 Liters
Fear0 NJ Heavy Duty Firm High Arch Support Orthopedic Boot/Shoe Full Insoles $27.50 USD $44.99 USD
About the product Suede [High Arch Support] Firm foot arch support with cushion to relieve foot pain due to standing or walking for a long time. The orthotic inserts are perfect for flat feet and plantar fasciitis. These shoe insoles men help prevent common sports injuries, ease stress and pain caused by flat feet. [Absorb Shock Hard Shell] The hard TPU shell under the heel of the plantar fasciitis inserts is replaced by a Gel pad to absorb shock and reduce stress on the heel. Additional Gel cushion under forefoot helps prevent metatarsal pain. The insoles for men and women are suitable for high impact activities and help reduce fatigue. Shock absorption for injury prevention ensures the reduction of muscle fatigue in feet and legs. [All In One Support] The STABLE SUPPORT of the shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis helps stabilize and support the foot. Reinforced TPU arch support plate enhances motion control and promotes alignment. The ergonomically designed lightweight orthotic insoles provide long lasting hours of comfort, distribute your weight, realign your skeletal system and maintain correct foot positioning to protect your heel during the severe impact of landing. [Anti-Bacterial Suede] Anti-bacterial suede can provide better cushioning, breathable and bacteriostatic effect. The high arch insoles are designed to effectively treat and prevent common sports injuries such as Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, and Knee Pain. Unisex insoles for women & men help control excess pronation, offer superb levels of shock absorption and reduce excess pressure on the feet, knees and lower back.
Outdoor Waterproof Headlight $14.75 USD $23.99 USD
SE-YIWHED-8065-OS Varying levels of light brightness allow for the perfect headlamp for camping, car repairs, or spelunking! This waterproof headlight comes with a charging cord.   Model of LED: T6 * Waterproofing design * Aluminum alloy casing * Aluminum alloy reflector * 3 switch Mode: Bright Light/Dim Light/Flashing Mode * Model of Battery required: 2x18650 Battery * Colour: Black with Blue Band * Head Light Weight:175g * Adjustable Focus, Zoomable LED Headlamp * Switch: head press switch   Main Features: - Intelligent circuit control, Telescopic Zoom,4 modes (strong, low, strobe, SOS) - The headband can stretch adjust according to the size of your head. Conveniently put on or take off. - The head can adjust the illumination angle to 90 degrees. - The red indicator light on the battery holder plays a good warning role in night walking or cycling! - Suitable for sports lovers to do some such as hunting, cycling, Bicycle riding, To climb, Hike, Working, Fishing, Camping, etc
OMSutra Studio Yoga Mat 6mm Deluxe $52.75 USD
Our Yoga Mat is made with new technology that contains materials safe for both you and the environment. Our OMSutra Yoga Mats is Manufactured with quality in mind, these mats are extra dense offering a firm and stable cushion. Perfect for all users, the 24”x72”x6mm yoga Mat is perfect for those who require extra cushioning and/or length from their yoga mat. It is most suitable for most sitting pilates and yoga poses and helps to minimize impact for those interested in more vigorous practices like Ashtanga yoga. It helps to ease the pressure on your joints and poses as you move through your poses. This mat is non-toxic, antibacterial and phthalate free. This mat features great traction to help hold your poses for traditional and non-traditional yoga. The Piloga Yoga Mat can easily be cleaned with any household antibacterial cleaner. It is light, easy to roll and can be stored and carried in any of our Yoga Bags,available in different colours and styles.
Squeezline $27.50 USD $44.99 USD
Hear your streamline working Drill the streamline into every stroke Be there off every wall The Squeezline is an electronic streamline sensor that makes an audible BEEP when the swimmer presses into a tight streamline. Perfect for young swimmers just learning a proper streamline and making a habit.  Check out our to take full advantage of your Squeezline "A Streamline is the number one skill for any swimmer to master. Competitive swimmers never stop learning and improving this skill. The goal is always to reduce drag and increase speed. To master this skill one needs consistent feedback and practice. The Squeezline is the perfect tool to get anyone to improve this skill as it will give you immediate feedback if you are doing it correctly." - Robert Pinter, head coach of Gator Swim Club and "A" finalist in the 200 butterfly at the 1992 Olympics.    
Rudraksha Natural Beads Mala - 108 Beads $29.25 USD $47.99 USD
Rudraksha beads are the seeds of a Himalayan fruit tree that the scriptures say sprang from Lord Shiva’s tears while he meditated with open eyes to save the world from evil forces. Rudraksha beads are treasured for the manifold powers that they bestow, such as tranquility, concentration, and above all, assistance on the path to enlightenment. The beads are offered in a transparent encasement that keeps its spiritual energy protected. The corresponding mantra, as well as the significance of the mala, is provided on an attractive insert. Corresponding Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya. Corresponding Deity: Lord Shiva, consciousness, the Lord of Meditation. Intention: Meditation, association with the Divine. A mala is typically made from 108 beads and one larger additional bead called a Sumeru. Begin the round with the sumeru and end when it is reached again. The following round should begin with the same bead upon which the previous round ended. The mala should be held in the right hand with the middle finger and thumb, never with the index finger which is considered inauspicious. With each bead one repeats the mantra. “Japa is a type of communication between “here” and “beyond”, between the part and the Whole. As in all types of communication, it cannot be the mumbling of empty words, it cannot be a mechanical or robotic repetition, but it must express an authentic and sincere intention. The mantra should be recited with highest attention and deeply interiorized.” Rudraksha Mala - Lord Shiva
OMSutra Yoga Strap - Cinch/Buckle 6' $17.75 USD $28.99 USD
Cinch/Buckle - Delux Quality Anti-slip cotton webbing Thicker Webbing, Extra durable 1.5" wide X 6'
OMSutra Yoga Strap - Cinch/Buckle 8' $17.75 USD $28.99 USD
Cinch/Buckle Anti-slip cotton webbing Thicker Webbing, Extra durable 1.5" wide X 8'
Yoga Foam Blocks - 4" $23.50 USD $38.99 USD
Our Foam Yoga Blocks are made from a sturdy, scratch-resistant foam and are lightweight and easy to use. Each block has beveled edges for added comfort. These blocks are very strong and durable, and yet incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Foam blocks lend support and extension to yoga postures. They provide the support and/or height needed to do poses safely and effectively. Place this eco-friendly support block under your hands to find balance in poses where you need just a little help. Comes in Size : 4" x 6" x 9"   Each Yoga Block comes individually wrapped, and can easily be resold in Yoga boutiques and Gift Shops.
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