Push Paddle $25.25 $41.99
Build a driving dolphin kick Great for alignment drills Thick and durable Moon cut-out for comfort Three sizes for any skill level Our goal in swimming is always to get to the other side of the pool as fast as possible. That means traveling in the straightest line we can and driving towards that goal. No other swim training tool allows swimmers to feel their forward resistance and train against it. That's why we made the Push Paddle! Recommended sizes: Small for 12 and unders Medium for all swimmers! Large for high school age and above or with fins Use the Push Paddle for: Underwater dolphin kicking (duh!) Single arm free or backstroke driving the paddle with the streamlined arm Breastroke drills or kick focusing on PUSHING! Surface dolphin kicking with a snorkel focused on driving forward Head position drills "WOW, impressed on the streamline focus and increased core work.  The kids all had that love/hate feelings.  They loved the new toy and found it easy to use.  All told me that they could feel the increase of the core work load - the hate feeling but loved it!  To me, that will only translate into faster times." - Coach Mic Nelson, Head Swim Coach at Corpus Christi TX
Fear0 NJ Heavy Duty Firm High Arch Support Orthopedic Boot/Shoe Full Insoles $13.50 $21.99
About the product Suede [High Arch Support] Firm foot arch support with cushion to relieve foot pain due to standing or walking for a long time. The orthotic inserts are perfect for flat feet and plantar fasciitis. These shoe insoles men help prevent common sports injuries, ease stress and pain caused by flat feet. [Absorb Shock Hard Shell] The hard TPU shell under the heel of the plantar fasciitis inserts is replaced by a Gel pad to absorb shock and reduce stress on the heel. Additional Gel cushion under forefoot helps prevent metatarsal pain. The insoles for men and women are suitable for high impact activities and help reduce fatigue. Shock absorption for injury prevention ensures the reduction of muscle fatigue in feet and legs. [All In One Support] The STABLE SUPPORT of the shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis helps stabilize and support the foot. Reinforced TPU arch support plate enhances motion control and promotes alignment. The ergonomically designed lightweight orthotic insoles provide long lasting hours of comfort, distribute your weight, realign your skeletal system and maintain correct foot positioning to protect your heel during the severe impact of landing. [Anti-Bacterial Suede] Anti-bacterial suede can provide better cushioning, breathable and bacteriostatic effect. The high arch insoles are designed to effectively treat and prevent common sports injuries such as Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, and Knee Pain. Unisex insoles for women & men help control excess pronation, offer superb levels of shock absorption and reduce excess pressure on the feet, knees and lower back.
Outdoor Waterproof Headlight $24.00 $39.99
SE-YIWHED-8065-OS Varying levels of light brightness allow for the perfect headlamp for camping, car repairs, or spelunking! This waterproof headlight comes with a charging cord.   Model of LED: T6 * Waterproofing design * Aluminum alloy casing * Aluminum alloy reflector * 3 switch Mode: Bright Light/Dim Light/Flashing Mode * Model of Battery required: 2x18650 Battery * Colour: Black with Blue Band * Head Light Weight:175g * Adjustable Focus, Zoomable LED Headlamp * Switch: head press switch   Main Features: - Intelligent circuit control, Telescopic Zoom,4 modes (strong, low, strobe, SOS) - The headband can stretch adjust according to the size of your head. Conveniently put on or take off. - The head can adjust the illumination angle to 90 degrees. - The red indicator light on the battery holder plays a good warning role in night walking or cycling! - Suitable for sports lovers to do some such as hunting, cycling, Bicycle riding, To climb, Hike, Working, Fishing, Camping, etc
Squeezline $27.50 $44.99
Hear your streamline working Drill the streamline into every stroke Be there off every wall The Squeezline is an electronic streamline sensor that makes an audible BEEP when the swimmer presses into a tight streamline. Perfect for young swimmers just learning a proper streamline and making a habit.  Check out our to take full advantage of your Squeezline "A Streamline is the number one skill for any swimmer to master. Competitive swimmers never stop learning and improving this skill. The goal is always to reduce drag and increase speed. To master this skill one needs consistent feedback and practice. The Squeezline is the perfect tool to get anyone to improve this skill as it will give you immediate feedback if you are doing it correctly." - Robert Pinter, head coach of Gator Swim Club and "A" finalist in the 200 butterfly at the 1992 Olympics.    
E(xchange)- Paddle from $40.00 $65.99
Fix dropped elbows and train early vertical forearm Exchange all paddles for a variety of combinations Incentivize the body to grip with the forearm Ala-carte combinations available by email: sales@swimsmarttoday.com Patent Pending! Generating as much power as we can requires that we get as much grip on the water as we can. This is called "early vertical forearm" where the hand and forearm is oriented vertically as soon as possible to get an early and strong catch. The problem is that most swimmers "drop" their elbow, losing grip on the water. This is because many swimmer's bodies would rather pull their arms fast through the water, rather than anchor and pull their bodies forward. In addition, typical hand paddles do nothing to help dropped elbows since all the grip can be obtained with the hand paddle alone. The E-Paddle uses a forearm paddle attachment with or without a hand paddle to incentivize the body to naturally want to use the forearm as an anchor. Use with the Gripper hand paddle to get the maximum effect!  Assembly Tutorial What's included in each set: Small Paddle Set (best for 12 and under swimmers) Small Hand Paddles Small Forearm Paddles Gripper Paddles Large Paddle Set (best for 13 and overs)  Large Hand Paddles Large Forearm Paddles Gripper Paddles All Paddle Set Small and Large Hand Paddles Small and Large Forearm Paddles Gripper Paddles
Swimming Power Harness from $27.50
Drive with the shoulders Quickly clip in and out with the carabiner Versatile use with Power Towers or parachutes Build HUGE in-water power  The Swimming Power Harness is an upgrade to the typical waist belt used by parachutes and Power Towers. It forces the swimmer's upper body to drive to the other wall in a straight line, rather than let it bob up and down aimlessly. It helps swimmers feel their power through the shoulders. Features One size fits all harness with shoulder sleeves for comfort Harness comes with an aluminum anti-rust carabiner Add a 12 inch blue parachute (which comes with it's own waist belt for versatile use) or a 2-lb Weight to keep the parachute away from kicking legs and allow flip-turns. (orders with a weight have the zip-tie included)  * Orange Harnesses shown for contrast against water. Actual product is blue.        
Break-Away from $23.00 $37.99
  Automatic release system A new ability in resistance training Use with Power Towers or stationary swimming Increase practice efficiency with quick switches Start with power, end with speed! Power Towers and general resistance training is great for all swimmers, but it has been limited. Swimmers are forced to stay connected to their resistance device and usually have to waste time floating back, preventing others from training too.  The Break-Away allows swimmers to automatically disconnect from a Power Tower at a set point in the lane, up to 15 yards away. The disconnected swimmer can then use the power and feel from their resistance training to finish the 25 or 50 with speed!  Land sports have been training like this for years. Now, swimmers can do it too! Break-Aways ship for FREE! Testimonials  "The ability for the power towers cord to breakaway and retract on its own has really increased the number of reps our swimmers can get in during a workout. As a coach, it gets really annoying watching swimmers lazily swim the power towers cord back to the starting wall, this product completely eliminates that headache." - Coach Ben "As a swimmer, my club consistently uses breakaways in practice. I look forward to using breakaways in practice because I am able to feel the power I am using in the beginning of the 25 and then hold the power once it breaks away." - Swimmer Anita The Break-Away includes (enough for one bucket): Anchor Rope Break-Away Rope Belt Loops Harness Instruction Manual No Power Towers? No problem! The Break-Away can act as both an anchor for the swimmer to stationary swim and as the release system to let them go free. You just need a partner!   
Energon Qube Sports Shaker Bottle $15.75 $25.99
Shaken, not stirred The Energon Qube sports shaker bottle features the SuperStak system that includes jars with storage capacity for your powders, snacks, supplements, and Energon Qube Gummies on the go! Benefits Two SuperStak containers to store your energy gummies plus a pill tray for tablets and capsules Stainless steel shaker ball wire whisk to thoroughly mix even the thickest powders as you shake Non-toxic BPA Free plastic Leak proof secure seal flip cap with loop Dishwasher safe
Fog-X $11.25 $18.99
Two pairs (four total) of inserts included Anti-fog inserts that provide long lasting anti-fog Fits in any goggle Scratch resistant to protect your goggles We were tired of swimming through a fog. That's why we created Fog-X, the only long lasting anti-fog insert that you apply once and forget.  It's just that simple. Peel the protective tabs, insert, and swim on! Fog-X is a Swim Smart partner. Visit their website and follow on the Book and Gram:  to check out Fog-X for Glasses to keep mask fog out of your way too!  
Warrior - Designer Head Cover Surgical Style from $32.00 $52.99
This is a beautiful Head Cover in Camouflage Colors with Face Mask fastener. It is not only fashionable and you are making a statement, but also a wonderful relief for all people who have to wear face masks for long period of time because the face mask is not held by elastics around the ears, but has a special place holder on the head cover to fasten your face mask. It is hand made of soft and breathable, triple layer, high quality 100 % finest cotton, and is available separately or with matching Face Mask. The Face Mask is made from Triple Layer 100 % finest cotton, comes with stretchy braided elastic ear loops and flexible, adjustable sewed-in Nose Fastener, and for best protection has a filter pocket. The Head Cover is ones size fits all, and the unisex mask comes in three sizes: S - small for smaller heads, M - Medium for regular head size, and L - Large for larger heads or people with beard. Head Cover and Mask are washable and reusable and proudly Fashion Designer handmade in the USA! Additional PM 2.5 Filters for the mask are available at RSP Fashion!
Rampage Splitboard 1989/1990 $711.00 $1,172.99
Rampage Telemark Skis The Rampage Split was designed for deep powder but made to be versatile in a wide variety of snow conditions. This deck floats, carves, slashes, and butters effortlessly so you can enjoy the ride. You’ll feel the performance in deep snow while staying afloat with superior maneuverability. BEND: Flat Camber SHAPE: Directional Twin FLEX: 7 out of 10 CORE: Poplar/Paulownia, bamboo inserts, carbon fiber strips FIBERGLASS: Tri-axial Fiberglass SIDEWALL: Polyurethane TOPSHEET: Polymide BASE: Durasurf Clips: Phantom Hercules WARRANTY: 4-Years  
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